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Prekas Paris (1926-1999)

Paris Prekas was born in Athens in 1926. In 1948, he enrolled at The Athens School of Fine Arts, where he studied under Umbertos Argyros, Dimitris Biskinis and A. Georgiades, graduating in 1952. Thanks to a state scholarship, he subsequently spent six months of postgraduate research in Paris, during which he attempted to capture the essence of the French capital.

A multifaceted creator, Prekas was involved with painting, sculpture, decorative design and architectural ornamentation, making compositions for the interior and exterior spaces of apartment buildings and other public and community buildings. In painting, he was originally involved with landscape, but later combined Greek reality with myth and tradition, creating thematic wholes which reflect the spirit of constructivism and abstraction. He has used similar motifs in his sculpture, with a combination of abstract, cubist and expressionist elements.

A chronological list of his major international exhibitions reads as follows: the Young Artists of the Near East, USA (1956); the Paris Biennale (1959); the Salon de l’Art Libre, Paris (1960–1965); the Sao Paolo Biennale (1965); the Alexandria Biennale (1967); the Osaka Expo (1970); the Upper Grosvenor, London (1971); the Salon Comparaisons, Paris (19820 and the The Museum of Modern Art, Vienna (1983).


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