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We offer a wide range of services to a diverse set of clients.

Antique Furniture and Paintings


We offer bespoke advisory services addressed to individual collectors or corporations. We aim to know every client, their needs and desires, to tailor our proposals accordingly.

Painted Squares


We offer professional art valuation, combining the techniques of financial valuation with subjective views on the cultural value and significance of a particular artwork.

Sculpture Exhibition

Private Dealer

We can represent you throughout multiple global art channels, selling or buying, from and to private sales, galleries, or auctions.

Postal Boxes

Import and export of artwork

We can assist you with the trans-national circulation of artworks, a matter related to the national legislation that applies to these goods, to which we must add the dispositions and international treaties that also can be applied to each particular case.

Art gallery

Private Sales

We assist our collectors in buying and selling works across all fine art disciplines through private sales, offering the freedom to collect or sell works any day of the year.


Artwork care and maintenance

Whether you are a lifelong art collector, a passionate home decorator or recently purchased your first piece, your art collection is a representation of you, and we are committed to helping you properly care for it.

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